There is a strategic uniqueness to how our firm is structured: we are the ideal size to stay true to our Michigan roots, yet we offer the perspectives, insights and products one would expect from a global financial institution.

Our move to independence allows this combination to flourish in ways that redefine our business and your expectations from a wealth management firm. We have sought to align ourselves with top financial services providers across a range of disciplines, and to give you access to not only the very best of Wall Street, but also the world. Some of our strategic partnerships include:

Dynasty Financial Partners

logo-dynastyWith a growing network of firms advising nearly $20 billion in client assets, Dynasty Financial is the leading provider of wealth management and technology platforms for independent financial advisors. Led by an executive team and board of directors comprising a Who’s Who of the financial industry, Dynasty connects us to the top echelon of talent in financial services today. This gives us access to the best in resources and capabilities, including custody, reporting, technology, financial and investment solutions, a world-class array of investment managers, and a range of other services. All of which helps us address your sophisticated needs with absolute objectivity and transparency.

Charles Schwab

logo-charles-schwabCharles Schwab will serve as the custodian of your assets at our firm. Schwab boasts over $2 trillion in client assets, with approximately half of those assets held at professional wealth management firms like ours. They do no proprietary trading of their own capital, do not leverage their own balance sheet and maintain extremely low debt levels.


logo-envestnetEnvestnet is one of the largest wealth management solutions providers for independent financial advisors. Since their founding in 1999, Envestnet’s mission has been to transform wealth management for both investors and their advisors, providing institutional-level research tools, investment products, advisory resources and portfolio management.