In a world of similar offerings among financial services companies, the first question you must ask any advisor is “why are you different?” Our answer is not one, but many—as evidenced in the array of advantages we bring to your financial life:

We are committed to doing the right thing.

We are your neighbors. We see you at the grocery store, we sit in your section at the game, and we share your passion for all that makes our community outstanding. When we are at the table with you, we listen to your dreams and goals, offering honest, objective and experienced insights on how to achieve them. At the end of the day, our work is only as good as our word. And that word must always be “integrity.”

We always place your needs first.

All financial services companies are not equal, nor do they treat you equally. Many operate on the suitability standard. This means that the products and advice they provide must be merely suitable for your needs, but these may not necessarily be the best solutions. This can often lead to recommendations that present conflicts of interest when it comes to advisor compensation. In contrast, we follow the fiduciary standard, meaning that we must act solely in your best interest. We believe this significant difference allows us to build a relationship with you founded on total and complete trust. Naturally, we understand this trust is not gained overnight. That’s why we commit ourselves to making your goals our goals from the first day we begin working together. This client-centric approach to serving you means that our rewards are entirely dependent upon the results we help you achieve and the confidence you have in our advice.

We focus on bringing you the best independent solutions.

We believe our move to independence brings the very best of the financial world to you. Free from the constraints and mandates of a larger financial institution, we aim to customize individual suites of best-in-class solutions from top global providers to address virtually every aspect of your financial life.

We offer deep experience—and even deeper humility.

Each of our four partners brings years of wealth management experience including the past seven years working together as a team. In that time, we have celebrated with our clients on their happiest days and helped them through their most challenging moments. Our care and concern for each client—each and every day—serves as a continual reminder of why we went into business and why we are so passionate about perfecting it.

We focus on results that go beyond the markets.

Unlike providers who energetically tout their knowledge of Wall Street, we focus our attention on understanding what is happening on your street. This means creating and cultivating a holistic wealth management strategy designed to protect and enhance all aspects of your financial life. We seek to minimize your exposure to risk, capitalize on appropriate opportunities when they present themselves, and promote family harmony both today and for generations to come.

We make working together a pleasure.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and we embrace the opportunity to help you enjoy it. As our client, we seek to spend time with you outside the office, perhaps as our guest on the golf course, at local restaurants, museums, in the theater and more. You can also expect us to call for no reason other than to say “Happy Birthday,” to congratulate you on your children getting married, the arrival of grandchildren or anything else important to you—because it’s important to us as well.

We believe that independence allows us to serve you best.

With vast experience in the financial services industry, we know what works and what does not—for us and, most important, for you. We feel that large banks and other financial institutions lack the “high touch” personalized capabilities and service that are necessary to build lasting client/firm relationships. Our move to independence is not only something we want to do, but something that we must do to ensure the very best service for you.