At Arbor Trust Wealth Advisors, our connection to you is both professional and personal. We sit face to face with you, not just as highly credentialed financial experts, but also as highly engaged people committed to helping you achieve your most important financial goals.

Your client experience is a direct reflection of our dedication to make your hopes and dreams a reality, from our first meeting with you through the transfer of wealth to future generations. Explore each facet of our client experience below.

Investment Philosophy

We are more than wealth managers—we are also wealth protectors. Our investment strategy for you is aggressive in enhancing value, yet conservative in exposing you to risk.

True to our independent fiduciary status, we believe our recommendations are free from outside influence or corporate mandate. Our process is engineered on an outside-in dynamic, a strategic progression that allows us to see how the global financial world shapes your life and your wealth:

  • We study macroeconomic forces both domestically and internationally. Global markets have never been more interconnected, and actionable information about them has never been more accessible.
  • We construct our asset allocation recommendations by focusing on both the short- and long-term opportunity and risk profiles of stocks, bonds, cash, alternative investments and other assets classes.
  • We engineer our diversification strategies by assessing the individual needs of each client and then matching those needs to appropriate high-quality investment vehicles—mutual funds, ETFs, large cap stocks, taxable and tax-free fixed-income instruments, cash and more.
  • We engage some of the leading money managers for our ultra-high net worth and institutional clients. Our two-step screening process combines quantitative and qualitative analysis of manager performance and investment philosophy to ensure the needs of our clients are appropriately met.
  • We challenge and question ourselves regularly through our partner meetings. Our team’s long-term working relationship has fostered the requisite trust, candor and friendship that allows each of us to speak freely to one another, bringing the best thinking of the group to each of our clients.

Discovery of all that’s important to you.

From securing a retirement that allows you to live the life you envision, to preserving assets and values for your heirs, our discovery process is an intensive fact-finding exercise where we get to know you, your tolerance for risk, your dreams for the future, and your concerns about today. Just as important, this crucial first step often helps you better clarify and understand your relationship with your wealth, and what you hope to achieve with it.

Construction and delivery of your comprehensive wealth management strategy.

Because our discovery process examines virtually every aspect of your financial life, we are able to build a wholly integrated financial plan that serves as the roadmap for the decisions you make today and in the future. We show you, in clear and exacting detail, how your investments, income, cash flow, financing, insurance, estate planning, philanthropy and other aspects of your finances all work together, along with insights and recommendations to help you pursue and achieve what matters most to you.

Ongoing holistic wealth management advice.

In addition to regular email contact, newsletters, our firm’s blog and more, we schedule periodic client progress meetings with you to review progress toward your goals and how events from your everyday life could impact your financial life. At times, we will also proactively introduce specific wealth management topics that may have significant importance to you, depending on your current life stage. These informational, non-sales engagements include insurance reviews, estate planning reviews and others, and may feature—at your request—introductions to leading specialized experts who integrate their insights with our comprehensive wealth management advice.

Exceptional service for all clients.

One of our firm’s main goals is to provide you with the very best both in service and attention. We commit ourselves to communicating with you on a regular basis. When you need something, we hold ourselves accountable to be responsive to your requests. We pride ourselves on attention to every detail—because there are no small details in helping you achieve your goals. When it comes to promoting and preserving your long-term financial well-being, we are absolutely dedicated to serving you in the best way we know.