Forest Scene

Strong client relationships are the bedrock of our firm. We are proud that our clients stay with us a long time and that they often tell their friends and associates about us. Over the years, we have built a community of people we are happy to advise and serve.

Our region is an incubator for innovation that creates wealth. This is why Arbor Trust Wealth Advisors offers unparalleled personalized attention to clients through our Private Wealth Management advisory service.

Great success brings unique advantages to your life. But it invariably unleashes challenges of unimagined complexity as well. Our fully integrated advisory services bring proactive clarity to managing substantial wealth, allowing you to focus on exploration of new opportunities, new ideas and new relationships. You will benefit from our expertise and insights in:

  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Portfolio Management and Construction
  • Trust and Estate Administration
  • Private Investment Services
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • University Retirement Advisory Services
  • Education Planning
  • Multigenerational Education
  • Philanthropy
  • Cash Management
  • Banking Services