Frozen Lake Michigan

The advantages of living and working in our community are profound. Chief among these is the intellectual curiosity of our highly educated community. No doubt like you, many of our clients are dedicated lifelong learners—university professors, physicians, entrepreneurs, agricultural leaders and others—who continually seek to expand their understanding of what they know, both professionally and personally.

Typical of other investors, they seek positive returns with the money we manage for them. What tends not to be typical, however, is their passionate determination to understand how all aspects of their wealth work together to provide lasting confidence, today and tomorrow. They actively seek practical wealth management advice and appreciate open, honest dialogue with us to learn as much as they can about their financial lives.

Confidence in the face of life’s most important financial events requires the personalized attention of a wealth advisor you trust above all others. Turn to us for an integrated approach that seamlessly encompasses financial planning, trust and estate planning and administration, investment strategies, risk and liability mitigation, tax strategies, philanthropic endeavors and more. We are here to further your wealth—and to deepen your understanding of it.