Graduating to the Golden Years

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  • Married couple
  • Husband longtime University professor preparing for retirement
  • Referred to us by estate planning attorney
  • Had accumulated significant wealth but needed assurance that it would be enough


  • Experiencing a significant life change – retirement
  • Moving from retirement savings to retirement spending
  • Needed tax planning due to final year salary payout and bonus


  • Maintain current lifestyle
  • Asset preservation
  • Creating a monthly “paycheck” in retirement
  • Consolidating assets currently at TIAA-CREF and Fidelity
  • Multi-generational legacy

Known Issues

  • Wanted the help of a single financial advisor — had multiple service providers
  • Anxious about moving into next stage in life — retirement
  • Desired coordination with current estate planning attorney and CPA

Unknown Issues

  • Didn’t have a handle on how much they were spending
  • Asset allocation of retirement assets was not appropriate — too risky

Consultation Process and Solutions

  • Team approach from Arbor Trust involving financial planner, trust expert and financial advisor.
  • Consulted with client CPA for tax issues and planning
  • Prepared financial plan
  • As retirement approached, we held regular meetings with clients to formulate strategies, make recommendations and address questions, concerns and issues.
  • The financial plan illustrated that the clients had sufficient assets for retirement and that they could maintain current lifestyle.
  • The plan also revealed opportunities for tax savings through converting IRA assets to Roth IRAs. This also allowed the efficient transfer of wealth to future generations.
  • Consolidated their assets for simplification.
  • Helped them with a budget to identify cash flow needs. We were able to create a monthly retirement “paycheck” to support them.
  • Most importantly, we were able to provide a financial road map through retirement

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