Professional Couple Seeking Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Small business owners Bob and Carolyn were in their mid 60s and had built a net worth  of approximately $10 million. They felt it was time to find a financial advisor for help with comprehensive financial planning that would include retirement planning and a review  of their estate plan. They also wanted a financial advisor who would work as a team with their CPA.


Stewardship to the next generation; satisfying charitable intentions; tax planning; stability; asset preservation; coordination between advisors; peace of mind.

Known Issues

Bob and Carolyn desired to make a significant investment in a private business; Investment advice was needed, as well as income tax and estate tax planning.

Unknown Issues

  • The financial planning process uncovered that the clients’ assets would continue to grow throughout retirement possibly resulting in an estate tax issue
  • Through the financial planning process, we revealed social security strategies that would maximize their benefits
  • Through analysis of the investments, we discovered that it would be highly advantageous to them to customize their asset allocation
  • They also needed to balance the titling of assets to avoid estate tax exposure

Consultation Process

The Arbor Trust team approach: financial planner, portfolio manager and trust expert; consulted with CPA; created financial plan to give clients peace of mind that they will have a secure future in retirement while achieving their charitable and family gifting goals.

Alternatives Explored

  • Presented investment proposal for new asset allocation and investment changes
  • Explored social security alternatives
  • Conducted estate plan review and discussed alternatives to minimize estate tax exposure

Solution and Results

  • Consulted with CPA and developed a tax efficient investment strategy including pre and post retirement distributions to reduce tax liability
  • Maximized retirement plan contributions
  • Decided on social security solution to optimize benefits
  • Discussed charitable and family gifting strategy

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